MyRon Homes Stood like a Statue of Liberty for the merited performance, Myron Homes Pvt. Ltd always strives hard to trace the best locations for their hard-earned investments. We proved it, beyond doubt, through our previous projects that showered increasing and multiplied advantages on the wide base of our customers. Whether it could be living spaces, commercial complexes, or lucrative business investments. Besides, Myron stood aloft amid the thick competition with a merited performance coupled with authenticity in delivering the desirable distinction of a durable prominence.


Dr.M.Yuvaraju – A Commerce Post-Graduate from Hyderabad started his career as a Sales Executive in a multinational FMCG company during the year 2000, witnessed all topsy turvy business proportions. In a short period, then started focusing vision on remote areas with an intention to Provide Open plots /  Property to lower-middle, middle-class people. His first venture by the name “Indralok properties” was a biggest hit and as of now completed more than 16 ventures in telugu states.

With meticulous planning and strong determination, the Mega Ventures around Hyderabad were carved by Dr.M.Yuvaraju also his specialized selling skills with a blend of philanthropy fetched him an honorary Doctorate in the field of “Business Management with Specialization in Infrastructure Development”.

Upon realizing the know how in Modest real estate business The “prince of realestate” established and named as Myron Homes during the year2017.

A commerce post graduate started career as a sales Executive in a multinational FMCG company during the year 2000

Dr.M.Yuvaraju choose the customer’s advantage as the first priority and framed the guidelines of his company accordingly.

With an intention to Provide Open plots Property at 75,000 to 1,00,000 to lower middle class, middle class people

Dr.M.Yuvaraju Sir Chairman & Managing Director of Myron Homes Pvt Ltd

Our Team

Venu Sharma (COO of Myron Homes Hyd)

Venu Sharma


Gunanath J

Executive Vice President

Asim Khan

Marketing Director
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Praveen Raj

Marketing Director

Jai Shiva

Senior Director

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Marketing Director