7 Tips to Not Regret Buying a New Property

7 Tips to Not Regret Buying a New Property post thumbnail

Are you looking for your new Property? To make sure you make the right choice and don’t regret your purchase, stay alert and follow our 7 tips….!

The Property you live in no longer suits your needs and you decide it’s time to change. Full of new hope, you look for your next home. You recognized it among many and you immediately fell in love with it, you appreciated the spaces, the context and the qualities. But be careful, unfortunately not all that glitters is gold.

In fact, it often happens that, especially those who buy an apartment without relying on a real estate agent who follows the purchase and sale path, soon discover aspects that they had not evaluated with due care and regret having invested in a property that does not reflect at all your needs.

How to avoid the risk of buying a property and then regret it bitterly after a short time?

To make sure you are making the right purchase, put aside the change for a while, stay alert and follow our 7 tips.

1. Visit the area: on different days and times, in the morning, in the afternoon and at night, to check if the house is in a very noisy and busy place or if the area is generally quiet.

2. Visit the property several times: before making the purchase proposal and make adequate checks on the state of the land even together with experts, so as not to then have to say “I thought that the land was in better condition…! “

3. Do your accounts well, identifying the most suitable mortgage for you (if you have to sign one) and keeping in mind not only the purchase price of the property, but also all the other costs related to the purchase and sale of a property.

4. Think carefully about the distance between your property and the places you frequent the most: your enthusiasm for the property you like will soon fade if you take more than an hour to get to your workplace every morning.

5. Does the property obviously need a Construction? Before buying, contact an architect to find out if the environments can reallybe revolutionized as you wish. Only an expert will be able to tell you what the real possibilities of the property are without affecting the structural parts.

6. “This beautiful lawn here in front? Don’t worry, they will never build anything, everything will remain as you see it.

7. Finally, the last piece of advice, which will allow you not only not to regret your purchase, but to face it in a calm way and enjoying all the beautiful emotions that a new property brings with it : entrust yourself with our MYRON HOMES.


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