How You Can Do Vastu for Your Home?

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“Actions speak louder than words” and this section of the article is devoted to taking actions.

Actions that you simply will – and square measure attending to – take currently to make sure that your house is as per rules and tips of vastu shastra.

The first action that i need you to require is to own an honest cross-check the image below, as this can be the image which is able to modify you to grasp that area or a part of your home should be placed at what place.

The higher than image can forever assist you – in gift and even in future – whenever you happen to try and do vastu for home.

From the image higher than, you’ll be able to perceive that every area and half, that a house is created from, incorporates a selected place as per vastu shastra, and also the better part is that after you’ve got settled the rooms as per rules and tips of vastu, half your work is completed.

Why did I say solely 0.5 and not full, that’s as a result of vastu shastra has tips, rules and tips for every and each area of a home.

Hence the equation stands one thing like this –

Vastu for Home = find areas and components as per vastu + do vastu for every room and a part of home

Since you currently understand wherever to find every room/part inside a home, you’ve got completed the half before “+” of the equation, all you currently got to do is to complete the remaining a part of the equation and THAT’S IT!!!

Now, to complete the remaining – straightforward and simple – a part of the equation and do vastu for home utterly, you would like to know vastu for every area and a part of a home.

Where will you get that information?


Here you will find all the information about vastu for each room:

Vastu for sleeping room is extremely vital as sleeping room is that the place for privacy and total relaxation.

A sleeping room is that the place wherever we tend to retire when strenuous day’s job to relax and have a sound sleep to achieve energy for succeeding day.

Vastu Shastra for sleeping room has been given a really high priority and significance.

As per sleeping room Vastu Shastra acceptable shapes for area unit sq. or rectangular.

Now, just in case if the sleeping room is rectangular, then as per sleeping room vastu shastra, cheap length to breadth quantitative relation is a smaller amount or adequate to 1:2 e.g. if the length is twenty foot, then the breadth lies between ten feet to forty feet.

From the below image we are able to see the perfect place of bedrooms for various members of the family.Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra sleeping room Tips area unit given below:

  1. As per Vastu for main bedroom, it must always be within the South-West corner of the house and head of the family should occupy this sleeping room.
  2. The main bedroom must always be larger than different rooms of the house.
  3. If the home is multi-story then main bedroom within the South-West corner of the highest floor is best.
  4. Perfect place for bed in main bedroom is towards South or West wall, in order that whereas sleeping the person’s head is towards South or West and legs towards North or East.
  5. Directions for Sleeping in sleeping room as per Vastu Shastra:-
  6. Sleeping with legs towards the east providesname, name& richness.
  7. Sleeping with legs towards the west providesmental harmony & augments fondness for spiritualism.
  8. Sleeping with legs towards the north, will increaseprosperity and luxuriousness.
  9. However, one shouldn’tmake lovelegs towards South as he won’t have a sound sleep.
  10. There’llbe unhealthydreams, unhealthy thoughts within the mind. Heaviness within the chest may also be detected often. South direction is Place of Hindu deity (the Lord of Death).
  11. Mind illnesscanincrease and there’s chance of decrease of generation.
  12. Bed alignment to any corners is unsuitable.
  13. Vastu says that the main bedroom ought to solely be employed by married couples.
  14. West or side is appropriate for connected rest room, dynamical area or bathtub tub etc.
  15. The bathroom shouldn’t face the bed directly and therefore the door of the toilet should be unbroken closed.
  16. East, North or West walls area unit best spot for entrance door of main bedroom. Avoid entrance on South wall.
    Make sure the door of the sleeping room is of single shutter and forever opens fully with none noise.
  17. East or North walls area unit sensible for windows within the sleeping room.
  18. South-West corner of the main bedroom must always be occupied.
  19. Best place to stay significant wardrobes, shelves or almirah is that the South-West corner of the main bedroom.
  20. A storey in South or West wall is tolerable within the sleeping room.
  21. Never place safe in sleeping room.
  22. if ineluctable then place the safe far from the North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West corners and East and West directions.
  23. If the safe is unbroken towards the South wall and opens towards the North then it’s terribly auspicious.
  24. Place vanity with/without mirror within the North or East wall.
  25. If a mirror is within the sleeping room with/without vanity then confirm than none of the part is visible within the mirror whereas sleeping on the bed, else constant part can develop medical issues.
    Please avoid TV, computer or laptops within the sleeping room (I are aware of it is tough, however that’s the means it is).
  26. Put TV (if you can’t management yourself), heater and different electrical appliances within the South-East of the sleeping room.
  27. Hang a stunning and pleasant painting or any portrait on the wall in order that it’s simply seen as somebody enters the sleeping room.
  28. Vastu sleeping room tips say that plants, fish aquariums or the other life forms area unit a strict “NO” in sleeping room.
  29. If a sleeping room is within the side of the house then it’s best for kids.
  30. As per sleeping room vastu, divorced youngsters or guests will use a sleeping room within the East.
  31. Lay beds within the children’s sleeping room within the South-West in order that a child’s head is in East or South direction.
  32. As per Vastu Shastra don’t place any sleeping room within the South-East direction of the most building because it results in unnecessary quarrels (this doesn’t implies that there area unit necessary quarrels additionally 😉 ) between husband and mate, inefficient expenditure will increase and therefore the couple needs to face heap of difficulties.
  33. However still if a sleeping room is gift within the South-East direction then use it as associate degree workplace or divorced son’s sleeping room.
    Do not have any sleeping room within the North-East direction as this is often the place for deities and if a sleeping room is gift during this web site then one faces several mishaps and illness within the family will increase.
  34. Also if a family unit sleeps in an exceedingly North-East sleeping room then they need to face semipermanent diseases.
  35. Avoid any sleeping room within the center of the house.
  36. Use lightweight rose, gray, blue, chocolate, inexperienced etc as wall colours for sleeping room.
  37. Stay away from use of marble stones (white and yellow colored) within the fresh married couple’s sleeping room.
    Install a bagua outside a sleeping room to safeguard from negativity.
  38. Hope higher than Vastu Tips for sleeping room build your life happier.

Vastu for room is very important since room represents the “Fire” part.

I am positive you already recognize that fireplace, in controlled atmosphere, is helpful, however if identical – affirmative exact same – fireplace goes out of hand then it obliterates everything and something in its means.

The higher than statement holds true for each varieties of fireplace – the particular fireplace and symbolic fireplace.

Getting confused?

Just browse on and everything can add up to you in a very moment.

As actual fireplace transforms raw or raw food into edible one, within the same manner, symbolic fireplace provides heat to your physique and needs to your religious self for everything in life.

Imagine, what would happen if symbolic fireplace among you died?

You start to lose hope in life; all the “burning desires” come back to end; your body becomes cold.

On the opposite hand, what would happen if identical fireplace – symbolic one – goes out of control?

You start to suffer medically, the “burning desires” can cause you to mentally sick and you begin to lose your position, respect and dignity in society.

Now, you see, why is it vital to own room as per vastu shastra?

Vastu for Kitchen –What is it?

To make you perceive “vastu for kitchen” in a very higher method, i would like you to contemplate the words “vastu” and “kitchen” individually and so i will be able to mix the 2 terms so term “vastu for kitchen” becomes clearer to you.

Vastu: you would possibly already recognize that Vastu Shastra is associate ancient Indian science of equalisation energies in and around an area.

Here, I assume that you just already recognize what vastu shastra is; if you don’t recognize what vastu is then I recommend you to scan our article that permits you to grasp vastu shastra in a very higher method.

Kitchen: Room is wherever healthy and nourishing food is baked.

Kitchen is that the place of transformation – as a result of it’s within the room wherever all the raw and raw food is reworked into delicious meals.

The same food then provides “energy” to members of the family.

I want you to pay special attention to the word “energy” here.

The energy that you just receive by overwhelming the food is positive one – that’s why it causes you to feel sensible, happy and self-satisfied.

What would happen if an equivalent food starts to instill negative energy in you?

Want to understand however this will happen? simply scan on.

I believe that you just recognize that everything during this universe is energy.

Fire is additionally associate expression of energy.

I have told you earlier that a controlled fireplace is helpful i.e. it’s positive energy with relation to you and uncontrolled fireplace is unfortunate i.e. negative energy.

Now, imagine – because of vastu defect, that is imbalance in energy –your room starts to relinquish off negative energy rather that positive ones.

What happens next?

The negative energy starts to have an effect on you physically and mentally.

You start to feel the negative impacts on your body and mind.

Obviously, you lose your health; with degrading health you don’t stand an opportunity to manage your day to day work; you begin to become annoyed and this repercussions list will press on and on and on.

It is thus important for you to form your room as per rules and rules of vastu shastra so the room generates and enhances positive energy, suppressing – and even eliminating – negative ones.

Now mix the on top of 2 terms, namely, vastu and room.

What you get could be a vastu compliant room having all the power and capability to lose all negative energies along with acceptive and enhancing all the positive energies accessible.

This –in flip –will invariably have positive and helpful impacts on you.

You will prosper, become additional and additional joyous, palmy and can have peace of mind –always.

Vastu for Kitchen –Is it Important?

I believe that you just have already scan the previous section of this text and square measure in a very higher position to grasp the ill-effects of vastu non-compliant room.

In the previous section, i think you understood a number of the negative impacts of a vastu non-compliant room.

Here, during this section, I actually have pin pointed some – in truth only a few – however definite issues that one can face if he/she chooses to not do vastu for room.

Vastu Non-Compliant room – Here’s the List of issues:

  • Health Loss –loss of health for the cook and head of the family, deadly diseases and untimely death
  • Financial Loss –financial condition deteriorates, credits goes up, bankruptcy
  • Family Disputes –clashes among family, separation or divorce and these square measure – as i discussed – only a few.

Your dedication to scan this way of this text makes Maine to believe and safely assert that you just square measure a accountable person and below no circumstances you’ll ever need yourself or your family to travel through all the troubles that square measure mentioned – and unmentioned on top of.

Being associate intelligent person – World Health Organization i do know {you square measure|you’re} – you would possibly have already understood by currently that doing vastu for room ensures that you just and your family are protected and protected from all negative attributes – arising out of room – and thence you need to take the mandatory action to try to to vastu for your room.

Now, so as to require “that necessary action” and build your room a vastu compliant one, all you wish to understand is vastu tips for room that I actually have elaborate within the next section, thus simply scan on.

Vastu for Kitchen –How you’ll Do It?

“Better to stop and prepare, instead of repent and repair” and this a part of article causes you to to stop the entry of any negative energy –via kitchen– in your home.

There are literally 2 steps to form your room as per rules and pointers of vastu shastra.

The first step – that i actually need you to require – is to possess a really sensible scrutinize the image below.

This image tells you the simplest location of room in a very house.Kitchen Vastu Shastra TipsHaving seen the image, I believe, you currently apprehend that the simplest location to form room is that the South-East corner of a home.

However, as I even have seen in several cases, typically a room is placed within the North-East corner of a home – and this is often a heavy vastu defect. If – by any likelihood – the room in your house is placed within the North-East corner then you want to scan the article on vastu remedies you want to apply – like a shot – to eliminate the negative impacts of North-East room.

The second and therefore the last step that you simply should fancy create your room in complete accordance with vastu shastra is reading and applying following vastu tips.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen:

What you want to Avoid:

  • Avoid room directly beneath or higher than pooja/prayer space.
  • Do not have room directly beneath or higher than bogs.
  • Avoid room directly beneath or higher than sleeping room.
  • Do not place cookery burner or stove directly ahead kitchen’s entrance door.
  • Do not have main door of room in any corners; place it in East, North or West wall.
  • A room in North-East causes mental tension among relations and that they suffer nice losses. this is often a standard vastu defect, if – in your home – the room is within the North-East corner, then you want to scan the article mentioning the remedies that you’ll fancy scale back the sick effects of this vastu defect.
  • Kitchen in South-West ends up in clashes among relations.
    A room in North-West direction is suitable however it ends up in increase in financial expenditure.
  • Most dangerous room is that the one placed in North direction; as North is Lord Kubera’s (the God of Wealth) direction, having room in North can increase expenditure of family on the far side expectations and management.
  • Never face west whereas cookery as this ends up in severe health issues to the cook.
  • If – whereas cookery – the cook faces south then family needs to face financial losses.
  • Avoid black color for room wall and flooring.
  • Avoid keeping white goods in North-East direction.

What you want to Do:

  • Place platform of the room in East and South-East corner.
  • Put cookery burner or stove in South-East corner of room, confirm that it’s a couple of inches far from wall.
  • Provide “L” formed platform, next to the kitchen’s main platform, close to South wall and use this platform for keeping and operational microwave ovens, mixer/grinder etc.
  • Use North-East to line up wash-basin or sink within the room.
  • Use North-East or side to stay beverage and utensils for beverage.
  • Keep grain boxes, pulses, varied spices, salt etc. in South or West direction.
  • Have 2 windows/gaps in East ANd West walls of room and place an fan in any of the windows/gaps.
  • You can optionally place a table in North-West or side of room.
  • Keep light-weight weight things in East or North in room.
  • Build storey in West or South of room.
  • The cook should always face towards East whereas cooking; this ensures physiological condition of relations.
  • Use yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red as floor and wall colours of room.
  • You can place a white goods in South-East, South, West or North direction of room. If the white goods is in South-West direction then place it a foot far from wall else it’ll typically get out-of-order.
  • Give sacred giving to fireside of the primary factor you prepare in room to form positive peace and prosperity.
  • Clean room, room platform and utensils daily at the hours of darkness before sleeping.

Just follow all higher than mentioned vastu tips and you’ll – and undoubtedly can – feel a giant and positive modification in your life.

There is an extra vital factor associated with food – with the exception of cookery – which “important thing” is that the place wherever you consume your food particularly, eating space or area.

If you have already got a eating space in your home then the article on eating space vastu shastra can change you to cross check if your eating space is as per vastu shastra or not.

However, if you don’t have a eating space in your home then scan the article that tells you the way you’ll – simply and easily – produce a vastu compliant area in your home.

I sincerely hope that currently you actually perceive however you’ll – and that i am positive you’re getting to – take necessary steps in achieving right vastu for your room.

You are what you eat! detected the old saying already?

You might have.

I am soft on with this locution simply because of its that means.

It merely implies that the food consumed by you and your family tends to change the thinking, behavior and manner of living.

Ever thought that the food that you eat daily might have such a sway on your life?


Lemme reveal another important factor associated with food and that’s the “location” wherever you eat i.e. The feeding area or, as a number of you’ll decision it, The area.

Call it by no matter name however bear in mind that the importance of this space is high in vastu shastra.

Understand; this space is vital, very important!


You may raise, and here’s the answer; “where you eat” ensures that the food consumed has constructive and positive effects on relations.

Imagine the end result if food has negative and damaging influence on family members!!!

Since we tend to area unit handling food and area, I recommend reading our article on room vastu to understand if room in your house is as per vastu shastra or not.

Let’s boost the speech communication some more; permit Pine Tree State to raise some inquiries to you relating to the feeding area in your home.

Do you have a fanatical place in your home wherever you and your family eat?

If you aforesaid “YES“; then all you would like to try to to is to scan our vastu tips for feeding area and verify if your “dining room/area” is as per vastu shastra or not.


You may like reading our article on room vastu and check vastu of your kitchen) however if it’s not then you’ll create little modifications to that and it becomes as per vastu in an exceedingly moment.

However, if you don’t have a feeding room/area in your home then don’t be discouraged, you’ll create one immediately in your home by following our vastu tips and tips.

To begin with, have a decent inspect the image below and perceive the simplest location for a feeding area in an exceedingly homeDining Room VastuHaving seen the most effective locations for a eating area or area in an exceedingly home, let’s take the step more and learn vastu tips for eating area.

Vastu Tips for eating area:

  • Dining area in West is best, in North or East is competition.
  • Dining area must always be spacious, hospitable and comfortable.
  • While dining; head of the family should face East. remainder of the relations will face East, North or West.
  • Children mustn’t sit in South-West corner of board as this may build them to achieve management of house overpower their oldsters.
  • No one from the family ought to face South whereas eating else it causes tiny disputes among relations.
  • East, North or West walls area unit best for doors of eating room; avoid door in South wall.
  • Square or rectangular eating tables area unit best; avoid circular, oval or the other form as so much as doable.
  • Place the board towards South-West corner of area, however check that that board doesn’t bit wall. conjointly keep enough area between eating chair and wall so anyone will arise simply.
  • Dining table should not fold against any wall.
  • Do not place board underneath a beam.
  • Use North-East of area to stay beverage.
  • Provide wash-basin in North or East however not in South-East or North-West.
  • Do not attach any bogs to eating place, however an area for laundry utensils or garments is suitable.
  • Main door of the house and entrance door of eating area mustn’t face one another.
  • Build room and area on same floor.
  • You can keep a icebox in South-East corner of area.
  • If eating place may be a a part of drawing-room (which principally is that the case these days) then use a curtain or a premeditated plant as a demarcation. Once separated, apply all eating area vastu tips to the current space.
  • Best colours for eating area walls area unit pink, orange, yellow, cream or off-white.
  • You can suspend a mirror in East or North wall of area.

Apart from higher than eating area vastu tips there area unit another factors conjointly that require attention. These factors aren’t associated with area vastu shastra however they will build a family well balanced and healthy.

Other Factors for eating Area:

  • Place posters or photos of savory dishes in area to arouse hunger.
  • A family, whereas feeding, must always be relaxed, happy and stress free.
  • Family members should speak in a well mannered way to every different whereas feeding (of course, they must not yell at one another anywhere) they must converse with all respect in the least times.
  • Also, whereas a family is talking on a board, they must not roast concerning inadequacy of anyone. once more this is applicable not solely to board however universally.
  • Dining table should not become a schoolroom of rule for anyone as they will lose interest in overwhelming food.
  • Play soft and subdued music in eating area.
  • Please avoid boob tube (TV) in eating area so whole family spends quality time along.

Hope higher than vastu tips for eating area makes your life sweeter.

Pooja area – or prayer area – is – and should be – one the foremost auspicious and sacred rooms of your home.

But this “most auspicious and sacred” area wants be as per rules and tips of vastu shastra.

Since you worship, keep spiritual texts, idols and pictures of deity’s and different Godly belongings during this area, thence you want to shield this area from negative energies.


To know the solution, simply browse on.

Once you’ve got created a pooja or prayer area in your home then “the room” mechanically starts to draw in quality and harmony.

However, if the pooja area is left unprotected then this “attracted” quality and harmony starts to weaken thanks to influence of negative energies that – could also be – gift in your home.

Hence, you want to take all the specified actions and ensure that the pooja area in your house is vastu shastra compliant so it’s capable of enhancing and attracting positive energies in and around your home.

How to create Your Pooja area Vastu Compliant?

Making a pooja area vastu shastra compliant may be a 2 step method.

The first step that you simply have to be compelled to take is to find the pooja area – clearly – within the most auspicious method.

Now, to assist you to spot the simplest potential location for a pooja – or prayer – area in your home, I even have created a picture, that reveals to you the simplest location for a pooja area in a very home as per vastu shastra.Pooja Room Vastu ShastraAs you’ll see within the image higher than that the simplest place to find pooja area is that the North-East corner of your home.

However – because of any reason – if the North-East corner is out of stock then you’ll build the pooja area in East or side of your home.

The next – and also the last – step to form a vastu compliant pooja area is to follow all vastu tips and tips for pooja area that square measure mentioned below.

Pooja area Vastu Tips:

What you want to Follow?

  • As per pooja area vastu, north-east corner of house is best web site for pooja place.
  • East and west square measure competitor locations.
  • Keep the pooja place on ground floor.
  • In huge plots or factories etc. construct pooja ghar at center; this is often terribly auspicious.
  • Keep the idols in east and/or west of the prayer area.
  • Place the idols some inches (at least associate inch) far from wall.
  • Make sure that every one the idols square measure continuously in good condition.
  • Have 2 shutter door of top quality wood for prayer area.
  • Pooja area will have doors and windows in north or east walls.
  • White or light-weight yellow coloured marble add prayer area makes it additional auspicious.
  • Use white, light-weight yellow or light-weight blue colours for walls of pooja area.
  • You can place a lamp sub the pooja area in south-east or japanese aspect.
  • If the roof of pooja area is pyramid form then it’s terribly auspicious.
  • You can place associate Agnikund within the prayer area in south-east corner.
  • Keep showcases and almirahs towards west or south walls.
  • Entrance of pooja place should have a threshold.
  • If the prayer space is in room then keep it within the north-east corner of kitchen; you ought to face east whereas praying.

What you want to Avoid?

  • The pooja place ought to ne’er be in south direction.
  • Do not have pooja place in an exceedingly store-room.
  • Avoid pooja place in any sleeping room. but if there’s no possibility then use the north-east corner of the sleeping room as pooja place (but bear in mind this is often the last and least favored option). conjointly bear in mind that whereas sleeping or lying on bed your feet mustn’t purpose towards this corner.
  • Never build pooja area in basement or 1st or higher than floors.
  • Do not have prayer place higher than, below or next to any bathroom or room.
  • Avoid pooja area or place underneath a steps.
  • Idols ought to ne’er face south.
  • Do not chisel off the wall to form place for keeping idols.
  • Never keep broken idols.
  • Idols ought to ne’er be directly before of the doorway door of prayer area.
  • Never keep the idols brought from recent temples within the prayer area.
  • Women mustn’t enter the prayer area throughout period.
  • Scenes or photos of crime, battles or of any negative emotions square measure a strict “no” within the pooja place. really you want to avoid them in your entire home.
  • Do not suspend photos of animals and birds within the pooja place.
  • Never have photos of kicked the bucket individuals within the pooja space.
  • Never keep a ash bin within the pooja place; it reduces positive energy of the space.
  • No one ought to sleep within the prayer area (except if the prayer area is in bedroom).
  • Don’t keep the things within the pooja space that don’t belong there.
  • Never ever – underneath any circumstance – conceal any cash or different valuables in pooja place.

I believe and trust that higher than vastu tips for pooja area will certainly build your prayer area a really auspicious one.

In this article, i’m about to gift to you, all the straightforward and simple vastu tips that you’ll be able to – and should – follow to form your front room a vastu compliant one.

You know, a space|front room|lounge – or drawing room – that follows vastu shastra attracts wealth, happiness and prosperity – that area unit all positive energies.

These positive energies then act with you and your family creating – you and them – sure-fire, joyous and easygoing.

Living rooms area unit a very important a part of every and each home; it doesn’t matter whether or not a home is fashionable or ancient, you’ll actually realize a front room in this home.

But WHY, you’ll ask; and therefore the answer to the current question is incredibly easy.

“Man could be a social animal by nature” – this can be the only and therefore the most simple answer to the current question.

A front room is that the place of gathering – the place wherever you entertain your guests, socialize with folks, fancy and pay immeasurable quality time along with your family.

In short, it’s the place wherever most of your “sweet memories” area unit created.

For these reasons, I will safely state that a front room has twin functions:

It is associate interface wherever you socialize with outside folks, like guests, friends and distant relatives.
It’s additionally an area wherever you share personal time along with your family doing activities, such as, look TV, family discussions and something and everything that you just and your family like to do along.
Since a front room serves twin functions in an exceedingly home, therefore it’s vital to form it as per rules and rules of vastu shastra.

If you would like to understand “why”, then scan consecutive section.

In most cases the doorway – or main door – of a home leads on to drawing/living room; the most door of a house is the place from wherever energy – positive or negative – enters the home; therefore it’s vital to form home entrance a vastu compliant one.

Read the article on however and why you want to create the most door as per rules and rules of vastu to understand a lot of on entrance door vastu shastra.

Living Room Vastu – Why Is It Important?

Since you have got currently become alert to the twin functions of front room, you’re in an exceedingly higher position to know and ponder the explanations to own a front room that follows vastu shastra.

Below, I even have provided some examples that may cause you to think about doing vastu for your front room.

As mentioned earlier that it’s the front room wherever guests area unit amused in an exceedingly home; a number of them have positive feelings – or energy – whereas others have negative ones (Hmm, there area unit every kind of individuals during this world).

Now, imagine a guest, UN agency has negative feelings for you and your family, getting into your home and outlay time in your front room.

Where is that the guest dropping all the negative energy?


What happens to “this negative energy” if your front room if not “equipped” to induce obviate it?

It spreads to entire home, affects you and your family in – clearly – negative ways in which.

I will tell you an added method of negative energy getting into your home.

The main door of a home – principally – results in living room; therefore any negative energy that – somehow – crosses the most door, enters the front room directly.

Since you and your family pay time in front room – with one another and with folks outside of family – therefore you all get wedged by negative energies gift within the front room.

Since you have got currently scan 2 main – however simply potential – situations of negative energies getting into your home, i feel that you just currently perceive however vulnerable a front room becomes if it’s unable to eliminate negative energies and attract and at the same time enhance positive ones – that is why we have a tendency to do vastu.

Hence, if the front room in your house is not as per vastu shastra; then I sincerely urge you to scan consecutive section of this text {to know|to perceive|to grasp} and understand all the vital steps that you just got to desire create your front room a vastu compliant one.

Vastu for front room – however you’ll be able to Do It?

This a part of the article is devoted to supply you “the actions” that you want to desire create the front room in your home a vastu compliant one.

Understand that this can be a 2 step method.

In the opening move i would like to require a glance at the image below in order that you perceive the simplest location wherever you wish to find the drawing space in your home.Vastu for Living RoomSince you’ve got seen – and that i believe have fully understood – the most effective location(s) for a front room in an exceedingly home, you’re currently able to take the second step towards creating your front room a vastu compliant one.

The second – and therefore the final – step that you wish to follow is to scan and follow all the below mentioned vastu tips for front room.

Living Room Vastu Tips:

  1. Construct a front room in East (not in South East corner, apart from South facing houses) or in North.
  2. A front room is additional helpful in North direction.
  3. The North-West front room is additionally good; since presiding part of North-West a part of a house is “Air”, the guests during this drawing-room begin to feel restless once someday and have a tendency to depart early. this might be an excellent web site of living space for families UN agency wish to avoid late night parties and get-together.
  4. God presides North-East of the house and this is often one in all the perfect locations for a front room, but it’s higher fitted to a pooja or prayer area.
  5. A front room in North brings ton of wealth and health for entire family.
  6. South-West settled front room makes your guests feel reception and that they follow your home for while. If you – and your family – have terribly active social life and simply love your guests to remain too long (which may be tough to manage at times) then you’ll find your front room here. However, this place is best fitted to master suite.
  7. Living space floor ought to slope towards East or North.
  8. The ceiling of living space, if sloping towards East or North is sweet.
  9. Have the door of the front room in East or North as they’re terribly auspicious and brings wealth, health and overall progress.
  10. South, North-East or South-East entrance indicates success then again it takes ton of toil to realize.
  11. West entrance for living space is sweet for students and researchers.
  12. Living area’s North-West entrance supports development all told areas of life.
  13. South entrance for living space is inauspicious; simply shift the doorway to West for higher results.
  14. Within the living space keep internal article of furniture, articles and significant things in West or side. If there’s no choice, then use a base of 1-3 inches height to stay article of furniture in North or North-East.
  15. The head of the family, in living space, ought to sit facing East or North so he remains in command and guests don’t seem to be able to dominate him.
  16. Put the TV in South-East corner and not in North-East corner.
  17. If TV is in South-West corner, then it’ll breakdown typically.
  18. If tv is in North-West corner then the family can waste heaps of precious time observance TV solely.
  19. Keep phonephone in East, South-East or North.
  20. Do not keep phonephone in South-West or North-West.
  21. Place air cooler and cooling system in West, North-West or East and not in South-East.
  22. You can droop portraits of Gods or some lovely paintings within the North-East wall or corner.
  23. Do not droop any portrait depiction negative energy e.g. war, crime, weeping etc within the living space (actually avoid them anyplace in an exceedingly home).
  24. Use white, light-weight yellow, blue or inexperienced colours for front room walls.
  25. Avoid red or black for living space wall colours.
  26. Keep sq. or rectangular article of furniture in living space and avoid circular, oval or the other form of {furniture|piece of article of furniture|article of furniture|furnishings} (this is applicable to furniture in entire home).
  27. Provide a stairway within the South, West or South-West corner of living space.
  28. Put light-weight curtains on North-East windows and doors and significant curtains in South-West (this is applicable anyplace in an exceedingly home) of living space.
  29. Keep North-East corner of living space clean and empty if doable. Also, to create things higher, keep some healthy plants during this corner.
  30. Never keep artificial flowers, dried flowers (they attract misfortune), cactus/cacti or tree plants (have negative influence on finance and career) and area unit inauspicious.
  31. Hang a lighting fixture in South or West of living area; don’t droop something in center.
  32. Lit the living space bright with soothing lights.
  33. Keep a fish vivarium within the East, North or North-East of the living space.
  34. In vastu shastra, a fish vivarium is taken into account a awfully powerful tool – thus powerful that it acts a remedy for several vastu defects. But, you want to use fish vivarium as per the foundations and pointers of vastu; else it’s going to ruin all the happiness in your home. scan the article on vastu tips and pointers for fish vivarium to grasp additional on however you’ll simply have a vastu compliant fish vivarium at your home.
  35. If there’s miscalculation within the North-West corner then inserting AN vivarium can drop that issue.
  36. Never keep AN vivarium in South as attracts all positive energy out of home.
  37. You can place a bubbler in North.

Armed with these straightforward however terribly powerful vastu tips for {living area|front room|lounge}; as you currently understand the implications of not having a vastu compliant living room, I sincerely trust that you just can leave no stone unturned to create you front room a vastu compliant one.


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