Conversion of Agricultural Land to Residential Land

Conversion of Agricultural Land to Residential Land

There is a procedure to be followed to alter land use whereas developing agricultural land for residential functions.

Agricultural land can’t be used for residential functions. you cannot construct a house on agricultural land to measure in, though the land could also be in hand by you. you would like to induce the land use born-again from agricultural to residential before any construction. totally different the various States have different procedures to try to to this.

In case you’re buying a property, you must check whether or not the land on that the property is made is residential land. just in case it absolutely was originally assigned as agricultural land, its use ought to are born-again to residential.

you’ll be able to get a ‘change of land use’ once getting the required approval from the native authorities. you have got to use it to the commissioner of the land revenue department, explaining the aim of conversion. alongside the applying, you would like to connect bound documents like ID proof, mutation letter, original sale deed (or gift partition deed), latest tax paid receipt and licensed survey map. there’s a fee to induce the land born-again, looking on the character of the property and its location.

The details of the extent of land, names of this and former house owners, quite soil and crops, mortgages etc. conjointly got to be provided. Certified copies of those documents may be obtained from the revenue workplace or the tahsildar. All outstanding dues ought to be paid fully and copies of payment proof ought to be connected.

The district or deputy commissioner, or collector, World Health Organization is permitted, could allow conversion of land if glad that the prescribed conditions are met and there aren’t any unfinished dues or litigations on the property. The conversion ought to even be permissible below the program of the realm. A conversion order allowing the modification in land use can then be issued. Also, a conversion certificate is going to be issued.

In Karnataka, the Karnataka Land Revenue Act 1966 has prescribed the procedure to convert agricultural land to non-agricultural, below Section ninety-five of the Act. the aim of the modification within the use of land should be nominative. The Deputy Commissioner could grant permission and will even impose conditions. The law prescribes a penalty just in case of violation of the procedures.

You need to submit the Record of Rights and residency Certificate (RTC) in original issued by the revenue authority alongside a photocopy of the atlas of the land (survey number), punctually genuine by the Department of Survey Settlement and Land Records, showing the size with scale and boundary of the land planned for conversion. additionally, a photocopy of the revenue survey map of the village showing the placement of the land planned for conversion and therefore the planned web site arrange got to be submitted.

The fee charged for a modification in land use is to be paid as per Rule 107 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Rules 1966. The fee varies for various districts and locations in Karnataka.

Some states have restrictions on land wherever the utilization has been born-again. It can’t be transferred for a definite amount of your time while not payment of a premium or getting permission from the prescribed authority. Similarly, some states have a provision that if the aim that the land was born-again isn’t disbursed in a very bound amount of your time, the permission is canceled and therefore the land reverts back to agricultural. So, any agricultural land, born-again for a non-agricultural purpose, ought to be used for such a born-again purpose at intervals the required time from the date of issue of the conversion order, failing that the conversion order is going to be withdrawn and therefore the quantity of premium deposited are going to be lost to the regime.

Further, agricultural land born-again for residential functions can’t be used for industrial functions. The revenue assessment is totally different completely all told such different uses of land. once the land is born-again, the aim of the conversion is appointed by the landholder. the client of such born-again land ought to invite all documents copy of the applying created to convert the land from agricultural to residential and approvals received from the various authorities.

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