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In the rising tides of urbanization everywhere, the state of Andhra Pradesh has made a significant comeback as far as the increase in the values of land reserves. Most importantly, the temple town of Tirupathi really, in practical terms, created a buzz for itself with growing applause for the investments done thereat. As it is reckoned as the most sought-after town across the globe for all kinds of the public irrespective of cast, color, and creed, Tirupathi has, of late, risen to such a shining focus for the sake of investments. All the attention presently shifted to the divine vicinities of Tirupathi with the upsurge in the migration from many parts of Andhra Pradesh and other states as well in view of the forthcoming industrial development envisaged by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

The Criteria

Tirupathi is now the apple of all eyes because of the confirmed emergence of the IT sector in a very short stint of time. The growth of new lease of industries is strictly going to make its presence felt in the wake of the IT industry’s indisputable spread. All put together contribute to the rise of Urbanization at a very racy pace in the coming times. When the IT industry is going to spread its wings in and around Tirupathi and the Urbanization is estimated to beautify the whole surroundings of Tirupathi, the needed or requisite infrastructure for the advantage of the industries that are going to loom large is also so much assured with a thumping success. Through the overall growth corridor, the land automatically takes the up-gear with the appraisal value also shoots up to an amazing height. In consideration of the encouragement of the government of Andhra Pradesh to comprehensive development and growth, the banking sector is also seriously considering providing the loan facility with the minimum exercise of details.

In all the spherical overview of the formidable expansion of Tirupathi, the first and foremost venture at the lotus pond of Lord Shri Venkateswara, Jayantha has gained an amazing blessing from divine grace with all the dazzling highlights. Jayantha is basically a layout approved by the Tirupathi Urban Development Authorities which has brought incredible trust to the project. TUDA approval directly means that the project is so clear beyond every hassle and risk. With the approach road admeasuring 100 feet, cent percent Vasthu is complimenting the project with a Grand entrance Arch. The compound wall for the entire project showered dignity and decorum on the project Jayantha. The inside beauty of the project is being secured through qualitative 40:30 feet BT/CC internal road positioning. The footpaths are duly covered along with the Avenue Plantation.

Parks with spectacular landscaping multiplied the grand view of the total project within the gorgeous compound walls. The underground drainage system, underground electricity and street lights for the entire layout, children’s play area, overhead water tank with round-the-clock water supply, Pipeline connection to the individual plot,s and 24/7 security all put together lifted the face value of the Jayantha.

Why you should invest in Jayantha?

Yes, one may ask the question that why one should buy or invest only in Jayantha. There are salient and strong reasons for that which will substantiate in a very proper way. Jayantha is only just a drive of 5 minutes from the International Airport of Tirupathi. Within one kilometer distance, TPT-Vijayawada 6-lane national highway will make Jayantha a prestigious one among others. Electrical IT hub in 3 kilometers, 530 acres of IIT Campus in 4 kilometers, 250 acres of IISER in 6 kilometers, only a 15-minute drive to Shrisailam Temple, 20-minute drive to Tirumala Hills footsteps (Alipirti) is the most beneficent observations that would enhance the comfort and convenience of the customers and investors.

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